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Memorizing Bible verses is very important for clerics and Bible scholars. This free, open-source program helps you to memorize those Bible verses you want. You only need to add the verse's information, such as the book, chapter and verse number, as well as the verse text. The program allows you to copy-paste the text from any on- or off-line Bible version, thus making this process easier. Once you have entered all this information, you can test yourself by entering on the Quiz mode. Here, you'll need to write the text exactly as it was entered in the Add verse phase. If you commit any mistake, the program will highlight it in red so you can see easily where did you get it wrong. You can create different categories to group your verses, such as "New Testament", "Gospels", "Psalms", or anything you need. In addition, you can choose the version of the Bible you are using to enter your verses. The program has a Search feature which is a little tricky to learn. Finally, it does not have any Bible version built into the program itself, so you'll need to use an external Bible to copy the exact text of the verses you want to memorize. Other than that, it can be a useful memorizing aid.

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  • Free
  • Useful for memorizing Bible verses


  • It does not include any Bible version; you need to add verses manually
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